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  Combines non-competitive running and walking with a social get together in a pub afterwards.

 C2H3 is a branch of a World Wide Organisation which started in the 1930s in Malaysia and is an updated version of the old Hare and Hounds or Paperchase. We are sociable & family friendly and welcome runners of all abilities and ages from children to older walkers (and crawlers.)

You don’t need to be athletic to take part.

There are short cuts for slower runners and walkers, sometimes a separate walkers trail.

We run across the countryside in Gloucestershire and The Cotswolds and surrounding areas using footpaths and tracks, and sometimes (always with permission) private land. Parts of the run may include roads and pavements. Care should be taken around animals in fields.

We run at our own risk.

C2H3 meets weekly on Mondays at 6.45 for 7.00pm in the summer, and on Sundays in the winter at either 10.45 for 11.00 or 2.15 for 2.30pm.
Trails are usually 4-5 miles and aim to last around 1hour to 1hour 15 mins. 


Involve the pack following a trail of blobs of flour or chalk marks laid earlier by Hares.

The trail will have branching points (false trails) at checks marked by a circle.  The Pack has to explore them to find the correct route.
False trails are marked with a Bar ---- or a T. Hashers finding the true trail will call On On or On Back if they have found the trail.
At Regroup points, - marked by a circle with an R, everyone waits for the slower hashers to catch up, which helps keep the pack together.
Fellow hashers are always happy to explain these and other markings – Ladies and Nash Checks, Fish Hooks, Check Back and Double Blobs.


There is a Circle led by the Religious Adviser (RA) Everyone returns to the pub for a drink and to socialise and discuss the good and the bad points of the run. Hashers who have done something notable – good or bad – may be invited to drink a Down Down – (a glass of beer or water drunk down in one go) by the RA. Hashers who run regularly will be given a Hash Handle chosen by the pack and relating to something they are noted for.


We run in all weathers. You need to wear running/walking clothing and good running trainers suitable for off road.

Bring a change of clothes, in bad weather we encounter mud, streams and brooks, you can expect to get dirty.

Bring money for your drinks etc after the run. C2H3 charges £1.00 per run, but your first run is FREE

DOGS are welcome, but must be under control and must be on a lead around livestock