Samsung (Web Master)

I can’t remember exactly when I started hashing but it’s been a while. I was a third wheel to Stirfry and Goosebumps for quite sometime, then took a break and finally returned with a couple of tag alongs I like to call my wife and son. 
I’m responsible for keeping you all updated via the website.

Cheltenham and Cotswold Hash House Harriers - The Social Running Club

Fallen Angel (On Sec)

My first ever hash was in 2001 from a pub somewhere near Stroud on a dark, wet evening where the never-ending trail seemed to be mostly up hill.... I surprised myself by going back for more, running with Gloucestershire Gourmets H3 then inflicting myself on C2H3 and what a fabulous bunch they are! I lived for moment that I received the latest write up from On Sec, so imagine my excitement now I get to read it before you horrible lot 😈

Randiflora (Haberdashery)

I wish I could say I was incredibly eager to get an evening away from Horney that I was willing to take any role on the Junta, but instead I am a serial philanthropist with my time, be it supporting the charity run with bundles of encouragement at the end of every stage or ordering your new favourite threads to wear in or outside of the hash.

Stir Fry (Grand Master)

Originally dragged hashing, as a hash horror, by i-Brows in the late 80's, and did around 200 runs. Then disappeared in the early 90's, for about 15 years, as it wasn't cool to go running with your dad!! I'm usually found either jumping in mud, or moaning at the back of the pack, that the run is too long. The 1st - second generation RA and now rinsing and repeating to following in the footsteps of i-brows and decibel by becoming GM. It was once said that I was brought in to significantly lower the average age of the C2H3 Junta!!!

Got my hash handle, due to a TV ad for 'Ross' frozen Stirfry's. I Hate running, but love hashing.

Tinbum (Trailmaster)

I started hashing almost 30 years ago and have done over 400 runs but did have a long break whilst my children took all my time in other sports. I love being with the FRBs but keep away from the SCBs  😂. Hashing is great when your a 60 year old juvenile mudlarking. I have been known to do the odd write up

GI Jane (Hash Records)​

​I started hashing in September 2008, my first hash being at The Norwood Arms in Leckhampton. Decibel gave me no excuse not to go as it was around the corner from my then home!  My first Birthday weekend was in Newquay in 2011 and only missed one since.  The weekend is truly fabulous and a great way to spend time with my hashing family.  I hope I can follow the grand work my predecessors have done and continue the trend of great times away with C2H3.

Condom (RA)

It was clear to me that I had to take this mantle from Pied Piper as his newest father figure, I will show him how to give a proper run critique and how to take charge of the hashers by way of a down-down for misdemeanours that they may or may not have committed.

Thong (Hash Cash)

When rumours spread that someone was paying their subs in euros, washers and Cadburys buttons we knew we needed an enforcer. Watch out I'm coming for you. Being the second scariest member of the hash (Larri clearly in first place), I have been busy practicing shaking down the hash horrors in preparation for this role. 🚨

Commando & Dim Enw (On Tours)

Commando - I started hashing 18 years ago in an attempt to get more exercise!  I remember my first hash in the Forest of Dean being ‘Wet and Wild’ and at the end of it being completely soaked,  covered in mud and thinking ‘I haven’t a clue what that was all about…..they’re all completely mad and I’m definitely coming again’ and I did!  My hash name is self explanatory and was given to me after  secretly disclosing  that I didn’t want a VPL in my lycra to another hasher, needless to say it didn’t stay a secret for very long.  It’s fair to say I’m not much of a runner but that doesn’t really matter. The important thing is I have made some really great friends and had the opportunity to hash with those friends at many Uk events as well as in Cyprus, Turkey, Thailand and hopefully more countries to come!  And even though my running abilities haven’t improved over the years… alcohol tolerance has definitely has!

Dim Enw - Met Kilty and was enticed along to my first hash, The Globe at Stonehouse, in the snow. Thought this is what I have been waiting my whole life for. The rest is history as they say. The best thing you could possibly do for a pound every week! Highlights include Hasher of the Year, Run OTY, Pub OTY and Mudlark awards, plus making 100 or so good friends.