Dim Enw (Haberdashery)

Met Kilty and was enticed along to my first hash, The Globe at Stonehouse, in the snow. Thought this is what I have been waiting my whole life for. The rest is history as they say. The best thing you could possibly do for a pound every week! Highlights include Hasher of the Year, Run OTY, Pub OTY and Mudlark awards, plus making 100 or so good friends.

Dr Foster (On Sec)

I was introduced to Hashing by Robo The Human Sponge on New Year's day 2012. Even through the fog of a hangover I was hooked!  I am honoured to take on the position of On Sec and hope my no-nonsense but fun and enthusiastic outlook will assist the Junta in keeping the C2H3 flag flying.  Already a survivor of 2 Nash Hashes I am keen to promote our Hash in the wider Hash World and to continue to embrace the sheer joy of Hashing.  I have helped to organise the 2222 (run of the year), the Beaujolais Nouveau and the Thunderball and look forward to organising and being involved in future events.  My beer glass is definitely half full!!

Hubcaps (Trailmaster)

Introduced to Hashing by Emperor Goldberg in September 1991 with my first trail(No.634) from that great Pub, Three Kings, Hanley Castle. Hooked ever since. Had trouble balancing the Work/Hash ratio, so gave up work. Got my Hash Handle after being sentenced to 40 years in the Motor Trade.I  love the irreverent humour/good beer/trails and company of Hashers. Hope to inject my own brand of dynamic enthusiasm into the Trailmaster post (If I can be assed).

Nil Points (Hash Records)​

'Began Hashing in September 2009 with c2h3 and subsequently joined GOSH3 and also hash occasionally with Axarquia H3 

Joined the Junta as Hash Cash in October 2012 and progressed to Records in March 2018.
My Hash handle is  the result of a flippant comment about France and the Eurovision Song Contest whilst visiting Paris H3 in 2010 '

Stir Fry (RA)

Originally dragged hashing, as a hash horror, by i-Brows in the late 80's, and did around 200 runs. Then disappeared in the early 90's, for about 15 years, as it wasn't cool to go running with your dad!! I'm usually found either jumping in mud, or moaning at the back of the pack, that the run is too long. The 1st - second generation RA, brought in to significantly lower the average age of the C2H3 Junta!!!

Got my hash handle, due to a TV ad for 'Ross' frozen Stirfry's. I Hate running, but love hashing.

Fallen Angel (On Tours)

My first ever hash was in 2001 from a pub somewhere near Stroud on a dark, wet evening where the never-ending trail seemed to be mostly up hill.... I surprised myself by going back for more, running with Gloucestershire Gourmets H3 then inflicting myself on C2H3 and what a fabulous bunch they are! The annual hash Birthday Weekend is one of the highlights of our calendar so as On Tours I will be working very hard to follow in my predecessors' footsteps and ensure that continues.

Martini  (Hash Cash)

I started hashing in 1992 with Cheltenham & Cotswold, probably best known for
Downing a pint in a very quick time, World Champion 3 times, UK Champion since I started!
Totally mad, enjoy mud and getting down and dirty, I especially enjoy away weekends and meeting
up with like-minded hashers from all over the world.
Looking forward to counting all that money!!​

Pied Piper (Web Master)

Joined C2H3 a few years ago now and foolishly let it slip I knew how to how to turn on a computer, so promptly I was appointed Webmaster to look after C2H3's internet presence. I can usually be found running up hills, complaining all the way! or trying to find the biggest puddles to splash in..... 

Suits You (Grand Master)

Hashed with C2H3 for over 15 years and have been on the Junta in various roles for over 10. The date and RV of my first hash is lost in the mists of time and possibly one too many pints of real ale to which I am known to be quite partial (C2H3 CAMRA Anorak).  My hash name is courtesy of a birthday weekend cabaret act from a few years ago and I think that was the reason I became Haberdasher in 2004 - who could ask for a more apt handle! Having messed that up due to poor spellin and over-fondness of measuring female Hashers for their shirts, I was "persuaded” to move to the On Tours role in 2009.  After arranging 6 (successful??) Birthday weekends  I think the only way the Junta thought they could get a decent Hotel was to promote me out of harms way to become GM (or Fat Controller as some say).

Cheltenham and Cotswold Hash House Harriers - The Social Running Club